Rina Takeda is a Battling Pink Teddy Bear in Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ)!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Next up from the world of Noboru Iguchi is Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ), about a girl who has the power to merge with her pink teddy bear to become a super hero to defeat zombies. Obviously. It’s based on an novel Hōsei Ningen Nuigurumā by Kenji Ohtsuki, which is based on a song by his band Tokusatsu called “Tatakae! Nuigulumar”.

Shoko Nakagawa will play Yumeko Ayukawa, nicknamed Dameko, a lolita-wearing girl who merges with her teddy bear Buusuke to form Nuigulumar. Rina Takeda will play the merged Nuigulumar, complete with pink bear costume. In addition, Takeda also will play a villain character named Kill Billy. Which means we might see Takeda battle herself! Who will win…

As usual, the combination of Rina Takeda and Noboru Iguchi makes this a must-watch in my book!

via NipponCinema and Rina Takeda



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