A Goosebumps film means I will demand Slappy the Dummy be in it!

Slappy the Dummy Goosebumps

Sony is set on making a Goosebumps feature film (based on the long-running Young Adult horror book franchise. Remember the 90s? Remember Doug? Remember R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps?) Rob Letterman (Shark Tale, Monsters vs. Aliens) is in negotiations to direct. The only Letterman film I even remotely like is Shark Tale, Monsters vs. Aliens is boring with a capital BORING, while Gulliver’s Travels is Gulliver’s Travels.

Mainly I want this to happen and have Slappy the Dummy star because I want to see legitimate news outlets talk seriously about something called Slappy the Dummy. He was on the tv show, and ventriloquist dolls can be creepy as heck! Given how little Letterman has delivered for me mixed with Goosebumps being one of those franchises that nostalgia will make people think it deserves a better movie than it will get, and this could be anywhere from terrible to a sweet surprise.

But it better have Slappy the Dummy!!!!!

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