SyFy has the Heebie Jeebies!

This Saturday you can get your Heebie Jeebies on with SyFy”s newest creature flick! Robert Belushi, Cathy Shim, and Michael Badalucco star, as they battle a CGI mess! Robert Belushi you might remember from being Jim Belushi’s son. Did you not watch According to Jim every day???? Cathy Shim you may remember from Reno 911! or Reno 911!: Miami. Michael Badalucco you may remember from The Practice. Writer Trent Haaga wrote a film called Deathbone, which has the tagline “Prepare to be boned.” That’s all I could find out about Deathbone. This is Thomas L. Callaway’s second feature, though he has a massive career as a cinematographer.

Heebie Jeebies

We pray to the spirits of SyFy and our departed brothers and sisters: Mega Shark, Sharktopus, Python, and Mammoth

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Written by Tars Tarkas

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