The Starving Games gets its Katniss!

Hunger Games Snow Shirt

As we reported before, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are gearing up for their Hunger Games “spoof”, The Starving Games. Casting has been announced and the film begins shooting next week. Hey, isn’t the end of the world supposed to happen soon? Naw, couldn’t be related.

Cast as Kantmiss Evershot is Maiara Walsh, who grew up too poor to afford the surgery require to remove the extra vowels from her name. Brant Daugherty will play the fake Gale. No words on the other cast members at this time. I do applaud Seltzerberg for not going with the easy “Katpiss” joke name, but fully expect an even worse parody film to use that one in the near future.

I’m sure this Seltzerberg joint will live up to the high marks of quality set by the predecessors Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie.

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