The Anna Nicole Story Lifetime flick casts their Anna Nicole Smith

Agnes Bruckner will play Anna Nicole Smith in the Lifetime movie based on the tragic life of the Playboy model. The Anna Nicole Story is written by John Rice and Joe Batteer, but I can’t find who the director is. Agnes Bruckner has a Lifetime movie past with a role in The Craigslist Killer.

The story of Anna Nicole Smith (aka Vicky Lynn Hogan) was one of those tragic lives you saw spiral out of control in real time thanks to the rise of reality television, giving a new dimension to celebrity trainwrecks. It was a harbinger of the modern era vs. the original Marilyn Monroe era of celebrity self-destruction. A neat movie could be made of paralleling the two tragedies. But this won’t be that movie.

Now, you might be thinking there was already an Anna Nicole Smith movie (you are right, The Anna Nicole Smith Story went direct to DVD two years after it was completed!) and this is years too late for anyone to care, as they’ve moved on to the new generation of trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. But this will probably get Lifetime a decent ratings score, so there’s that.

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Agnes Bruckner

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