Say hello to my little remake! – Scarface remake gets a new writer!


That rumored Scarface remake inched closer to reality when a writer got attached. Paul Attanasio is set to rewrite the David Ayer script. Now, before all you people with Scarface posters and underoos get upset, remember the beloved film that you hero worship Tony Montana for is a remake itself. Universal is careful to say this isn’t a remake or sequel, but a film that takes the common elements of the first two films about an immigrant entering a criminal organization and taking it over through violence and ambition.

So basically a remake.

Just don’t tell Universal that if they say a remake isn’t a remake, it’s still a remake. Because they’ll probably respond with several paragraphs of brain-melding garbage that if deciphered will be a road map explaining everything wrong with Hollywood ever. I do hope they don’t decide to reuse the element from the original Scarface that caused Harold Lloyd’s brother Gaylord Lloyd to be shot in the eye with live ammunition while visiting the set.

via Deadline

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