Age of Hobbits Trailer!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Asylum’s Age of Hobbits director Joseph Lawson stopped by to personally let us now that the Age of Hobbits trailer dropped, and we couldn’t be more grateful here at TarsTarkas.NET, because this looks like it could be very interesting. Hobbits, Bai Ling, Christopher Judge, and flying komodo dragons!!!!

In an ancient age, the small, peace-loving Hobbits are enslaved by the Java Men, a race of flesh-eating dragon-riders. The young Hobbit Goben must join forces with their neighbor giants, the humans, to free his people and vanquish their enemies

It comes out December 11th, and won’t be split into three movies just to add a bunch of random stuff!

Age of the Hobbits

Easily better than Eragon!

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