Upcoming SyFy original movies Boogeyman and Haunted High

SyFy (aka SciFi Channel for us purists!) is continuing the non-stop stream of creature features. Coming August 11th is Boogeyman, where some kids free the Boogeyman and he goes on a killer rampages. Notably, the Boogeyman is depicted as dating from the time of the Book of Genesis. Eddie McClintock plays the sheriff who’s got to bring him down. Emma Samms also stars. No word yet on if the Boogeyman will be as creepy as when he was on the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

August 25 gives us Haunted High, which sadly is not about ghosts doing pot, but a bunch of kids trapped in a high school being killed by the ghost of an ex-principal. Danny Trejo, Charisma Carpenter and M.C. Gainey star.

via DreadCentral

Boogeyman Real Ghostbusters

Ghosts are afraid of ME!!

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