Time to major in Dragonology!

Who doesn’t like the Dragonology books? Fools, mostly, but also some idiots. The Dragonology books and similar styled sequels are visual treats, books styled like a journal of old with drawings and charts, set in a world where dragons are real and have their own ecologies. Though the books only had a loose narrative, it is enough that something cool could be done, and the universe has only grown in scope. The choice of Dragonology as a film sounds rad, even with the unfortunate fact it’s going through Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s production house via Universal. Hopefully they won’t do anything except put their name on it, because they’re going to be busy writing The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Web Harder. Dragonology has a lot of potential, but it is also loose enough that it could go in any direction. It will be easy to make a good film, a little work to make a great film, but it’s also easy to make an awful awful film. Will Dr. Ernest Drake kick some butt? Or be a rapping granny?

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