Wreck Wreck-It Ralph yourself with the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game!

Wreck-It Ralph looks awesome and helped fill a void in the land of upcoming animated films I’m excited about (Sorry Shrek 16, I don’t care…) The video game world with cameos from all sorts of actual video game characters is the magical movie stuff that only Disney can pull off (as they are the only studio that has pulled it off before, with Roger Rabbit!) And thanks to the influence from the Pixar group, the increase in quality of the storytelling will be there. So barring an unforeseen disaster, Wreck-It Ralph will be at least entertaining, if not totally awesome. That’s just me speculating, but it will be true because I’m always right. And Q*Bert is awesome, and always has been.

If you can’t wait for the flick to be released, you can play the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game yourself thanks to the magic of Disney website Flash. And, yes, it is very Donkey Kong. Expect to documentary King of Ralph (starring John Goodman) to come out in 25 years!

The worst analysis I’ve seen of Wreck-It Ralph are people who seem to think kids won’t like it because Ralph is an old 8-bit character. Yes, because children totally get turned off by old video game sprites and will ignore the other 99% of the movie done in modern animation. My only conclusion is this concern is brought up by internet nerds insecure that they’ll like a film that 3-year-olds will also like, and thus are trying to drive the children away so it becomes their movie and not everyone’s film. To that I say go check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Do you think Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix Jr. will end up being related? They both have It in their names! Or maybe they’re named after Pennywise from Stephen King’s It! (which is getting its (Its?) own 2 movies!)

Director: Rich Moore
Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch

Wreck-It Ralph Q*Bert

Damn Coily invested all of Q*Bert's money in Bitcoins!

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