D-War director Shim Hyung-rae has no money

If you were hoping for a sequel to D-War to materialize anytime soon, keep wishing on that star, because director/producer Shim Hyung-rae is all out of money, is being sued for money he says he doesn’t have, and has a batch of legal problems beyond the no money.

Shim Hyung-rae was a former comedian who made mad dough with his comic character Younggu – the namesake of his company Younggu-Art Entertainment. He also directed the Ureme series and the Yonggary remake. His latest attempt was the gigantic flop The Last Godfather. But by July of 2011, Younggu-Art Entertainment was broke and folded, with Shim claiming to be 41 billion won in debt (~$35 million) He’s now being sued by former employees for 890 million won ($760,000) in unpaid wages.

In addition, Shim faces weapons charges for having an illegally modified gas gun (what the frak??!) and is being alleged by his spurned ex-employees that he has a gambling problem and bribes politicians and businessmen with prostitutes.

What all this means, is no more D-War. A sad day for Korea, and a sad day for America.
Shim Hyung-rae

4 thoughts on “D-War director Shim Hyung-rae has no money

  1. Why is this guy on the verge of bankruptcy/suicide while someone like McG is living the high life in the Hollywood Hills. Where’s the justice in that?

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