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Thanks to our recent series on Ghanaian film (Abro Ne Bayie 1, Abro Ne Bayie 2, and Ghanaian Video Tales), we’ve learned a lot about Ghanaian film. And here are some recent Ghanaian film news stories that you need to know about.

Two movie producers in the city of Kumasi, (home to the Twi movie industry) are fighting over who will be the first to produce a movie called Osama bin Laden.

A fetish priest is demanding four red dogs, four red cats, four red goats, and four red fowls from the producer of the movie Diawuo, to pacify his gods, because a fetish priest in the film has the same last name as him.

The rest of the stories all concern director/producer Socrates Sarfo, whose name keeps popping up whenever I research anything about Ghanaian film. Socrates is nicknamed “Hot Fork Man”, probably because he had a sex film called Hot Fork. Socrates Sarfo has gotten into arguments with the censorship board over the difference between erotic films and porno films.

Socreates Sarto shaved the pubic hair of one of his actresses in What Sex Can Do because she wasn’t doing it interestingly enough. This has led to problems on the release of the film.

Socrates Sarfo may or may not have pulled a gun on actress Mercy Asiedu over the title of his film Greedy Bastards. But he at least got into a fight, which caused a court date.

And my favorite story, Socrates Sarfo may be collecting the sperm of actors for juju! You might think this story sounds crazy, but this is Socrates Sarfo, and anything is possible!

Socrates Sarfo

Gimme your sperms!

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