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Here is an awesome quote about Nicholas Cage that someone put on Wikipedia:

I sincereley think there is too much emphasis in this wikipedia page as I read it now, on Mr. Nicholas Cage’s personal life to the detriment of his prefoessional one, also with too much OPINION from the writer re. description of the movies that Mr. Nicholas Cage ever played in (they, the authors of the current article, in its present form, keep talking about different types of personality traits of the various characters that Mr. Cage ever portaryed, and , yes, I agree that Mr. Nicholas Cage is an extraordinarily versatile chracter actor, in fact a true star, yet THIS is NOT all that he is FROM A PROFESSIONAL POINT OF VIWE, as he himself has ANNOUNCED that he may be interested in pursuing other things, plus what the authors wrote there is truly subjective and, for example, brings more detriment than good towards the way the movie “Mathstick Men” is described, which was in fact a true TEAM effort, and I am CERTAIN that Mr. Nicholage Cage himself would have been happier if the authors instead of focusing so much on the “character” piece would have focused more on the “TEAM” thema, since MOST certainly Mr. Cage is and has always been a very conscientius team player, but that is not all, it looks like, if his legal probation problems are successfully resolved, he may still have quite a bit of potential to actually become a team LEADER in any other professional projects he may chose to pursue in the near future. And “THE LORD OF WAR” was NOT about that Ukrainian Mechanic, however funny that character was, that was a true existentialist movie in the way that some Sartre or Kafka books are, and Mr. Nicholas Cage MASTERFULLY palyed that character, which just SHOWS the breadth and depth of not only his talent as a COMPLEX and COMPLETE dramatic actor, but it also shows how WELL READ he is, how actually EDUCATED and CULTURED he is, and, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, how CAPABLE is he, when PROPERLY DIRECTED and within the RIGHT TEAM, to be able to ETHICALLY and MASTERFULLY USE HIS RICH GENERAL CULTURE KNOWLEDGE IN ORDER TO TRAMSMIT TO US all FEELINGS of LONELINESS, yet also OF MORAL RESPONSIBILITY AS WELL that we all carry as human beings who wish to be ETHICAL first of all towards OURSELVES and TOWARDS SOVIETY at large, which also thus informs me, via the types of ROLES that Mr. Nicholas Cage chose to PLAY, PLUS the WAY HE PLAYED THEM, how HIGH of a CALIBER HIS OWN MORAL CHARACTER IS as a PERSON, and if it was I who would have the miraculous chance to be subpoenad as a WITNESS OF CHARACTER on that upcoming May 31st 2011, Court Hearing that Mr. Cage has to go through (yet another stress for him…and I truly hope HE KNOWS who and how to ask for HELP if he needs it…never forgetting that ther is always 911, as a last resort for everything while on continental North-America, and 112, while in Europe, up to the borders of the former USSR), so if it was I testifying on behalf of Mr. Nicholas Cage, I would literally by both WORDS and GESTURE, even body language SICERELY and AUTHENTICALLY PLEAD towards the Honorable Court in front of which that hearing is to take place in order to have them BETTER understand THE GOOD MORAL CHARACTER of Mr. Nicholas Cage, actually rated the HIGHEST GRADE 6 (SIX) on the Scientific Valid Kohlberg Scale (Kohlberg being a psychologist who described the development of moral charcter in human beings, and I agree with that scale and with Mr. Kohlberg’s baselike concept while he devised that scale, since I have seen it EMPIRICALLY validated in PRACTICE, both professional and personal, in front of my own eyes OVER and OVER again, with NO FAIL, with NO EXCEPTION, in that SENSE IT IS EMPIRICALLY VALIDATED and VALIDATE-able SCALE).

I plead of YOU, all current contributors of wikipedia, who may be acqainted better than I with the court system of the California county where that hearing is to be held, to actually PRINT OUT and TAKE in person or MAIL either to the assigned Justice presiding over that hearing a copy of my commentary which conatin some parts which may be helpful for Mr. Nicholas Cage in taht specific hearing, or to the current ATTORNEY, even to the Public Prosecutor (District Attorney ?) of Mr. Nicholas Cage’s current pending case, or to all of these actually, depending on whom anyone may know, even to Mr. Cage HIMSELF if anybody knows of someone who knows him personally, a copy of this commentary. PLEASE do it for me, because I spent most valuable time of my life to write it, while I have OTHER things on my mind, plsu it is just past midnight and I have a wirk day tomorrow so I must go to bed, so PLEASE JUST SEND IT TO WHOM it should be sent: Mr. Nicholas Cage, Mr. Cage’s attorney, the Hon/ District Court of California Justice, and the Distric Attorney for that case. THANK YOU and literally G-d bless the person who may actually be doing thiss for both my sake and the sake of actor Nicholas Cage, MOST VALUABLE MORAL CHARCTER GUIDE-like LEADER for humans from the Realist Modernist latter part of the XX-th century to the JUST AS REALIST post- TRAUMATIC beginning of our XXI-th century, with the MAJOR trauma for most humankind being OF COURSE the Sept. 11, 2001 VILE ATACK ON the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I sign, Eugen Craciun, M.D. European General Practitioner and specialist in General Psychiatry (pen name: Rudolph Aspirant) 18.may.2011, A.D., 0:12, Copenhagen time zone (talk) 22:19, 17 May 2011 (UTC) P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes, but it is really late and I am tired, plsu today was the National Holiday of the Kingdom of Norway, so I was there to admire the popular costumes and flags, which are TRULY something special, if Mr. Cage would ever wish to visit Norway, i sincerely would recommend it to him as MUCH more therapeutic actually than any other place in France or the Swiss Alps, I even have a recommended villa he could lease, plsu I also wish to thank him personally for the charitabloe participation he had in some charity event in my country of origin Romania, yet that participation DID IN NO WAY INFLUENCE MY SCIENTIFIC EXPERT OPINION OF MR NICHOLAS CAGE’s character. E.C. aka R.A. (talk) 22:19, 17 May 2011 (UTC)

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