KG – Karate Girl

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An English-subtitled trailer/behind the scenes reel for KG (aka Karate Girl) is up on YouTube. Karate Girl is the followup to Rina Takeda’s High-Kick Girl!, this time Rina plays the daughter of a murdered karate champion who finds out her little sister has been raised by the murderers to be a force of evil. It’s sister vs sister as Rina must save her but also get revenge against the people who killed her dad. And the trailer goes on and on about “real karate” and “no CGI” and “no wires”. Hopefully we get more Rina Takeda and less other people in this go round. In any event, this is on my 2011 must-see list. I must see it, I must!

KG/Karate Girl hits theaters in Japan on Feb 5th
via NipponCinema, as usual
KG Karate Girl

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