Wingnut Web is on the march!

We’re moving! Wingnut Web and the other political posts will soon be hosted on their very own spin-off blog! That way, we can focus on two separate high-quality sites instead of one high-quality site that has weird visitation demographics. Who knew a few random articles would evolve into something so big? And we’ll still be covering all the hate sites you know and love, and much much more. Once the initial setup is completed, we will be dropping links to the new location. Often. Lots of times. So much you will dream about the links to the new site every night. They will haunt you. Steal your soul. Sell it on ebay to a guy named TurnipLover44. He’ll leave bad feedback and there will be PayPal disputes. Lawsuits. Arguments before the Supreme Court. Where’s the Birth Certificate, TurnipLover44?

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