Wingnut Web – Poopie Butt Gavel Banger Edition

Well, despite Resistnet’s best efforts of not moderating their site until TarsTarkas.NET posts offensive material (and then hurriedly deleting it), is still filled with hateful and ignorant comments. Gee, who’d a thunk it? Us, of course! That’s why we’re back with a whole new batch of Resistnet craziness! is the gift that keeps on giving, and unlike the Jelly of the Month Club, I don’t have to buy a bunch of rolls to enjoy it. Resistnet just joined a whole Federation of teabaggers who have teamed up to whine even louder in response to media reports of their racism and spitting at Congresspeople. I guess that makes more sense then actually policing your own members so none of them yell racial slurs or spit at people. Let’s help Resistnet show what they are all about, with their own people spreading the word. The word is Poopie Butt Gavel Banger, by the way.

I think it would take less time to point out the words that aren’t spelled wrong in this post:

Poopie Butt Gavel Banger – the movie!

I support every teabagger arresting every other teabagger like this woman proposes

Those crafty ILLEGALS!!! ::shakes fist:: Now let’s have racist story time!

Calling Obama Buckwheat and Obongo – Accepted Resistnet Posting Policy!

Uh, those aren’t the Marxists who are scamming you! ::Dick Armey sits on a pile of money, RAVEN blames ACORN::

The serious answer is your computer is infected because of all the horse fisting porn you download, and as the only other sites you visit are conservative sites that’s why the warning keeps popping up. The non-serious answer is “Yes, yes we are infecting your computer. Fear us. Fear out INTERNET POWER!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

Let’s blame the government for the mine accident and not the owner and his appalling safety violations record, especially since the owner spends all his time donating to conservative causes so safety regulations get even more relaxed!


Act I: Bitter Old Guy is fired for calling his coworker Daniel Wu “Chinky McGook Chink”

Act II: Bitter Old Guy polishes his guns

Act III: Bitter Old Guy falls and breaks his hip while playing militia in the woods and dies of exposure as the county can’t afford a rescue mission due to budget cuts after the latest referendum failed

I’ll just spread this 20% Flat Tax increase rumor I just made up to scare people to vote my way!

And now, this post ticks me off, because you know Maxstake was one of those god damn morons who when Rumsfeld said “You go to war with the army you have” and Cheney and Co. were sending our boys over to die without proper body armor was saying “Hell Yeah! Screw you, Libs! Kill them Muzzies!! Support our President of GET OUT!!!”

james reynolds is the one man who can stop the International Jewish Banker Conspiracy! And LOL at the pharmaceutical conspiracy at the end!

George Soro’s what?

Larry Holland violently rejects acting like a civilized person.

Well, then I am sure you would support military spending cuts, right?

Everyone, welcome icetrout, Resistnet’s newest vocal racist!

Don’t worry, james reynolds, the government you hate so much and want to destroy will be there for you with unemployment, food stamps, rent subsidies, health care reform, and job search assistance. Don’t forget to thank your local Liberal!

Update: Resistnet is still a Birther’s paradise! Let’s celebrate by mocking this post by Paul Blart, Mall Cop

They called you a cook? Does Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay know about this?

All this proof – that we don’t have at all and just make up and repeat over and over again – should prove something!

These are responses to a non-Birther member of Resistnet who was mysteriously deleted.

Not a Birther? Then you are a welfare cheat!

It is scary reading these posts with sanity in them! Resistnet Mods, stop hanging out on TarsTarkas.NET and delete the sane posts before our heads explode and our diapers fill!

icetrout is back to yell at disabled woman for not shooting hundreds of innocent Muslims in cold blood.

They’re gonna shoot those guys! We won’t, because we are keyboard warriors. Also, no one there will, either.

LOL, I cut off the heads of Muslims! Which somehow makes us better than Muslims. Uh….

More chatter, more icetrout charm!

ALERT! ALERT! They’re onto us! Pat Chadwell was so concerned about TarsTarkas.NET Blog that he posted this on like five Ning sites.

Liberals put Obama in office because they know he will fail because he is black and that is the plan. Thus, liberals are the real racists.

Gee, Pat, this statements seems awfully racist as well, and just how is it out of context?

Be proud of your racism, soldiers!

My New Black Friend!

This guy seems to have the right attitude, too bad he’s on Resistnet.

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