Obama has learned the art of satanic magic

[adrotate banner=”1″]Hey, it looks like some idiot on FreeRepublic.com suddenly realized what 2012 was all about and now is going all nutso fantastic on Barack Obama, satanic magic champion. He also must have saw the movie 2012, saw Danny glover as the black president, the world ending, and people on arks, and now thinks that the movie is a prophesy or something. People, this is what happens when Roland Emmerich is allowed to make movies. We all know that Roland Emmerich needs to be stopped, Godzilla is prove enough alone. Just wait until this guy sees Independence Day! So if you want to know about Obama and his satanic magic artistry, here is the post by Armageddon:

I see nothing wrong with wanting a black guy to be my slave…

When will blacks learn that we hate them because we love them?

Bonus random shots! Here is some reaction to a white supremacist getting killed by a black guy. Sadly, I missed a few of the posts which were deleted “because of use of an AP image” even though it was because they were racist. But they missed these other ones…

Obama has ordered blacks to murder all whites!

Black people are things

The Whore House is where Obama practices his satanic magic arts!

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