Wingnut Web – is close on brown power LING on the porch Edition has been allowing terrible comments for months and months despite their moderation system (the moderators don’t seem to mind many of the horrible messages even if they are reported) and they have been part of the recent increase in noise by the fringe elements of the Teabaggers (by fringe we mean almost every teabagger). As the Tea Party continues to get more and more violent, their online rhetoric grows at the same pace. These comments are from just before the HCR bill passed the house, but the posting got delayed because Resistnet’s response was funnier and more crazy. But now it is time for to shine!

Let’s start out with this guy, Liberal Pacifier. let’s people use pictures as their user names (let’s might be another term for “not smart enough to figure out how to prevent”) and this guy takes the cake. You might think this is a one-off deal and he quickly got banned. You’d be wrong, as he posted over 100 times in a span of hours in just one article comments section I read, which gave the admins plenty of time to ban him had they had a problem with his name.

Another stellar debater, and he has a familiar friend!

America is so great we don’t have spell check or the Shift key!

Another idiot with a picture name. The best part of this article is picturing the tears streaming down Liberal Pacifier’s face when the Dems aren’t blown out in November.

You might think this comment was in response to something. You’d be wrong.

I have no idea what this guy is saying.

Giving health care to everyone=inciting rebellion. Good to know.

Funny how you don’t recognize the consent of the majority when it involves them voting in a black guy as president

Help, the cashier lady is saying we’ll all be cannibals because we are smart! Wait, what?

This guy is just full of win!

Probably because they aren’t insane. Okay, that insane.

Hey, someone calling for a military coup of the USA, on, and the moderators approve the comment and leave it up for hours and hours!

I wonder what the other options Teri W is thinking of are…

Things are getting pretty stupid, but it’s your side doing the stupid.

Kill all Wikipedias!
fn15.jpg is a chore to read and their comments section is filled with bonkers idiots who probably went even more insane after health care passed.

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