It’s time to see some wonderful conservative photochops! And not just because I save these right to my desktop like a moron so their stupid thumbnails are staring me in the face every time I turn on my laptop. The tiny evil, begging to be clicked on to stain the souls of the innocent, turning you into a bitter old guy. Bitter, bitter, everywhere. It’s the Bitter Tea of General Yen. Get that old reference! And I doubt any of these guys are really Asian, but then, General Yen wasn’t really played by an Asian guy, either!

I have no idea what the frak this is

click for huge

The guy who posted this called it “Bamopoly” because he can’t read the photoshop correctly! (Click for Huge)

Who is he? Ringo Starr? Thor, God of Thunder? Jem, who is truly outrageous?

Some human being actually made this

Because black people!

He’s is a animated gif from back with the teabaggers were in love with Scott Brown! And thank goodness they had Obama getting hit by the truck and not dragged behind it…

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