Captain America battles Teabaggers, Marvel apologizes

First, let me apologize for the lateness of this post. Between ER visits, my wife’s birthday, and Valentine’s day, this kept getting delayed to the point where it became a huge story.

For those of you who had equally busy lives this week, you may not know that in a recent issue of Captain America (#602), the good Captain and his friend Falcon need to go undercover in an anti-government group. A group that has protests against the Federal Government, and carried signs identifying them as Teabaggers. Par for the course, as Captain America has regularly taken on enemies of America. But, the Teabaggers in real life were angry. They were mad at the picture stories that said they were bad, so they threw a temper tantrum and screamed until Marvel apologized.

Marvel is now owned by Disney, who the Fundies hate anyway because Mickey Mouse doesn’t stone the gays at the theme parks, so pretty much anything Marvel doesn’t isn’t going to appease crazy idiots who weren’t buying your stuff in the first place. So I say, don’t bother to apologize, because there is nothing to be ashamed of in fighting Right wing idiots bent on warping the country into their own personal Hell.

So here is the offending panels (Click for HUGE!):

And here are some typical reactions:

These comic books are something only losers read, that’s why I’ll make a big fuss!

The free market is obviously a sign of outside foreign influences! And good job not reading Liberality!

Bryanw92 boycotts everything, leaving him nothing to do but to sit in the dirt. On the RIGHT side of the dirt.

Sooooo much stupid in one tiny little post!

Before the Internet Marvel was 100% hippies selling arms to Saigon

Oh, Travis McGee, your racist screed will be featured here soon enough…

Maybe if SevenofNine (don’t tell him the Federation are space socialists!) actually read comics he would be able to speak English.

First of all: Taint. Second of all: Free market, baby!

Rastus sure reads a lot of comics for hating comics so much. Even I don’t know that much about Seige! I did read Planet Hulk, and I recommend it to everyone.

Yeah, make your protests even more of a giant circus! Please?

For some perspective, besides Captain America’s own title, one of the best Captain America books was What If?, which featured various alternate outcomes of classic Marvel Comics events. Thus, Captain America showed up a lot, and many times fought against evil duplicate Captain Americas. In this particular one, a crazy, Right Wing guy has assumed the role of Captain America and proceeds to make it into what is probably a Teabagger’s wet dream:


But then the Real Captain America returns to beat down the crazy:

So What If? rules, Captain America rules, and Teabaggers don’t.

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