TeaParty.org and Resistnet.com meet the N-word

TeaParty.org owner Dale Robertson is one of those patriotic guys who wanders around teabagging people while carrying signs with racial slurs on them. And he is being promoted by Resistnet.com! Or they were, everything related to Dale Robertson seems to have been scrubbed from Resistnet.com, though I still have the email I got from them promoting the TeaParty.org concerts.

So the story goes, Resistnet.com sent out an email promoting “Liberty Concerts” set up by TeaParty.org and the owner of the site, Dale Robertson. But then bloggers were told about this photo of Dale Robertson at a Teabagger Rally on Feb 28th:
Note that he was kicked out of the rally for the sign, but just look at his sign. Expecially look at how the misspelled racial slur seems to be taped over that part of the sign, making me wonder what he possibly could be covering up. But I’m just weird like that.

Later Resistnet quickly sent out this follow up email message:

This is in response to the blast mail you received regarding the Liberty Concert being promoted by the National Tea Party group. The purpose of the email was to share an opportunity for you to experience the fellowship and company of
other conservatives, as we kick off the election season and strive to
take back America, restoring it to the Constitutional Republic it is
meant to be. While they are a separate group from us, we share many of
the same goals, a free, conservative America, and fiscal responsibility
within our government. We are not necessarily promoting their complete ideology.

And all information about the “Liberty Concerts” seems to have been completely scrubbed from the site (or their search is acting dumber than usual)

In any event, this is probably very embarrassing, thus, we’re reporting on it, even if we are late a bit. Darn us having lives and contributing to the economy!

Source and our own emails

Here is the full text of the email, for posterity’s sake.

Teaparty.org is inviting all of you to take part in their Liberty Concerts:

Tea Party Taking The Next Step

“We are setting the tone for taking back America with Liberty Concerts. We are not waiting until the first quarter of the year, we have already begun.” Dale Robertson, President and Founder of the Tea Party – TeaParty.org

‘Liberty Concerts’ is a venue designed to be the key to create a model for our Nation to Take Back America. The Tea Party does not intend to waste their time simply rallying. The Plan is to optimize the events, they will be fun and Citizens will be asked to run for office, with the focus of Restoring America, and thus, putting it on the Conservative track.

The goal is to shift attendees from being merely a presence at a rally, into involved Patriots recognizing the need to be engaged in the process of Self-Governance.
The Tea Party is gearing up for action. Robertson has a developing strategy to bring the Republic back under the control of ‘We The People.’ He is asking for thousands of Patriots across America, to run for office.

Robertson stated: “Even though the likelihood of their success is diminished by the lack of experience or financial support; the knowledge will be invaluable for the next election cycle and a point of pride for the American People.”

The Tea Party’s number one imperative, is to have candidates on the ballot. The second priority is to get out the vote, especially in Texas where Robertson lives and the home of over 800,000 members of the Tea Party……….

Robertson is molding the Tea Party events to empower Citizens so they will make a difference in the November 2010 elections. The ongoing tactics are to prioritize States, creating a durable model for ballot access, voter eligibility, precinct chair/county chairs, and candidate awareness. The Tea Party is actively seeking candidates that represent Conservative Constitutional Values. It appears the Major Parties can’t get in step with such a complex idea as Conservative Constitutional Values; therefore, the Tea Party will make it easy for the Independent Parties to break the glass ceiling and get on the ballot.

The ‘Liberty Concerts’ event taking place in Stafford, Texas is a developing prototype, which when successful, will allow the Tea Party to create a thriving event not in months but days. We will be quick on the draw, sure fired and ready to rock in a matter of only a few days. This Tea Party formula will work against incredible odds and will be nothing short of a miracle, but Robertson believes with all his heart all the pieces will fall into place.

Does the Tea Party really believe it can make a difference in November? “Some say, “talk is cheap” but 2 years ago when I started the modern day Tea Party no one believed it could work now 7 million strong, the world is listening and America is hoping, we will not fail.” Dale Robertson – TeaParty.org

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