Andy Martin is insane

Andy Martin, self-described Internet Powerhouse, is a crazy mofo. He’s also running for the Illinois senate and courting the Teabag Nation. Thus, TarsTarkas.NET will have a celebration….of how crazy Andy Martin is!

Andy Martin’s primary oppoent in the Illinois Senate Primary is Mark Kirk, who is a jerkwad semi-moderate pretending to be an insane Wingnut to try to gain the teabagger vote. He is failing, as the teabaggers hate him for his previous votes in the house. Andy Martin saw an opportunity and is trying to gank the following that Mark Kirk so desperately wants.

Andy Martin unloaded a Press Release calling himself an “Internet Powerhouse” and suing Wikipedia and Wikimedia for being “a tax-exempt protosocialist scam that seeks to harass Republicans, conservatives and Obama opponents“. I guess someone lost his edit war. You would think an Internet Powerhouse would be better at camping edits, but, I guess he was out-sperged.

HuffPost sez:

“No one could characterize the Wikipedia entry on my extraordinary life of public service and personal sacrifice as ‘neutral and impartial,'” Martin says. “It is obviously nothing more than a political smear by Barack Obama’s rabid supporters. Wikimedia and Wikimedia are tax-exempt protosocialist scams that target conservatives, Republicans and opponents of Obama. I am a triple threat when it comes to being the target of Obama agents.

“I am fighting back. We need to expose Wikimedia’s scams. Wikimedia/Wikipedia use tax-exempt resources to spew their venom on innocent victims Martin says. “The public is also a victim of fraud by these leftist Obamabots. I want to bring the facts and the truth about these protosocialist provocateurs to the attention of the American people;

Stories even make note that Andy Martin claims that “Obama’s real father is not Barack Obama Sr., but is Frank Marshall Davis, an African American journalist of the 1950s.” I am not sure how that would make Barack Obama ineligible as a Birther argument, as it would prove Obama is a US citizen (if that was true and Martin wasn’t freaking nuts!) One thing for certain, Martin was at the Second national Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records held in New York, as it is specifically mentioned in the PR.

Some history of Andy Martin:

Mr. Martin is the vessel of the venom. He is a frequent candidate with a history of stridently anti-Jewish comments. As a law school graduate named Anthony Martin-Trigona, he was rejected for entry to the Illinois bar due to a psychiatric finding of a “moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”

He was a nasty critic of Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, helping to spread the lie of his being Muslim, and was central to a Fox News Channel schlock-umentary, “Obama and Friends: The History of Radicalism,” hosted by Sean Hannity. Described as an “author and journalist,” Mr. Martin was given a national forum to assert without rebuttal that Mr. Obama trained to overthrow the government. Rarely has the emptiness of the channel’s “fair and balanced” mantra been more vivid.

I guess being an Internet Powerhouse means you have 5 million blogs:

Stop Sam Zell’s Wrigley Field shenanigans
Ax Alexi Giannoulias for State Treasurer
Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
Boycott American Express
National Conference on Barack Obama
Stop Keno Gambling in Illinois
Illinois CAN
Andy Martin for U. S. Senator
The Stop Obama Coalition
Boycott the Plum Card
Yes, Barack Obama Was a Muslim
Andy Martin: Contrarian Commentary…
Judy Topinka: Wrong for Illinois
Boycott the Beijing Olympics/Boycott China
Save the Chicago Tribune; Stop Sam Zell
Andy Martin’s Campaign Diary
Corrupt Florida Justice and Judges
Andy Martin on the Issues

Don’t forget he is on Twitter and Facebook. I ask you to visit them all because we’ve hit a boatload of crazy and TarsTarkas.NET cannot possibly cover it all.

Andy Martin: Contrarian Commentary has some great articles like:

Are the Obamas the new White House version of TV’s “The Jeffersons?”

Do the Obamas and Salahis share common characteristics?

Should Tiger Woods try to crash a White House party to reclaim his “privacy?”

What does Santa have to say about all of this commotion?

(CHICAGO)(December 3, 2009) A third of a century ago, President Richard Nixon created the modern era of “separation of powers” jurisprudence by claiming “executive privilege” to prevent White House aides from testifying before Congress and courts. Nixon created a major constitutional scandal. And lost.

In 2009, the Obama Family White House, which is looking increasingly like the TV sitcom “The Jeffersons,” is claiming executive privilege to prevent staff members from disclosing the truth about the couple that has been called the “White House party crashers.” Tareq and Michaele Salahi may have to star in a new sitcom, the “Real Housewives of the White House.”

By “stonewalling” the Congress (“stonewalling” is another “Watergate word”) Obama is making what should have been a minor embarrassment into a minor constitutional scandal. Like Nixon, he’s losing.


African-Americans, of course, are trying to convert the embarrassing incident of the Salahi social climbers into a national security threat involving potential terrorists. Congressman Bennie Thompson is trying to revive fears of a racial attack on Obama. I don’t think the Salahis’ misbehavior is a light matter, but it is equally not a threat to the republic. In fact, security services often learn from their occasional mistakes. Let’s hope the Secret Service did. No one wishes the Obamas any physical harm.

It is clear that in trying to do things their way, “the Chicago Way,” the Obamas are increasingly taking on the airs of “The Jeffersons,” the social climbing TV sitcom family with whom the Obamas seem to share some characteristics. Why was security reduced after Obama took over the White House? Trying to make the place look more open? Putting on the Ritz? Ooops.

The Salahis and Obamas could also be peas in the same pod, or podcast. The Salahis were trying to crash a party at the White House; the Obamas crashed the White House in 2008, with a campaign of lies and misrepresentations that were much more toxic than the Salahis’ pretensions.

Obama had no business in the White House. In that regard, he shares a lot in common with Tareq and Michaele Salahi.


The only thing missing: when is Tiger going to try and crash a White House party, claming that is the only place he feels private enough? It’s coming. Can the Tiger Woods “birthers” be far behind?

The silly season of mid-December news is upon us. What? There’s no Santa Claus? Omigod. What will they expose next? Isn’t Santa entitled to his privacy? Doesn’t he deserve some “executive privilege” with his elves at the North Pole?

Is Santa really going to replace Rudolph and the reindeer with a golf cart? Only Tiger Woods can tell us. And he’s not talking. Remember, if you decide to get Santa’s attention, bash in the rear windows to see his reaction, not the driver-side window. Not at all. As Santa would say, “Ho. Ho. Ho.” Or as Tiger Woods would say: “ho, ho, ho.” Where are the Salahis and Obamas when we really need them? Watching reruns of “The Jeffersons,” no doubt.

I love how he seems to be claiming that the only supporters of Barack Obama are African-Americans, all of whole as a collective group are trying to spin the White House partycrasher story as if that is the biggest concern in the nation. Then Tiger Woods is brought up for no reason except he is another black male for Andy Martin to bash and compare to Barack Obama. And it is all George Jefferson’s fault, somehow.

His… campaign worked so well that Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh had their most recent vacations at Hawaii (along with Obama himself and Nancy Pelosi!) So we can see that Martin is a man who can produce results.

Also because people stopped paying attention to Andy Martin for a few minutes, he introduced Phase One or something and released ads claiming his Republican primary opponent Rep. Mark Kirk is gay. With that level of discourse, the teabaggers are probably creaming their pants itching to vote for Martin!

One thing is for certain, Martin will not win. The thing that not is certain is if he will torpedo Kirk and take him down with him. And it looks like he is achieving that goal. Thank you, teabaggers! We await February 2nd (Primary day) to see the meltdown after Martin gets a whole 3% of the vote!

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