The Future Is Wild The Movie

The CGI crazy future Earth Animal Planet series The Future Is Wild is going to become a big-screen film. I have no idea how this will work, what with all humans being dead and all. Probably like Disney’s Dinosaur, but hopefully done in a non-terrible way. So nothing like Disney’s Dinosaur. Maybe like Ice Age.

Now, I am a huge fan of the Future Evolution genre (even though it is like four books, most of which are written by Dougal Dixon) I poured over After Man: A Zoology of the Future and The New Dinosaurs all the time as a kid. I even make fake Battle Beasts off of some of the After Man animals, which I still have and which will be featured on the site once I get the scanner set back up in the distant future. I love this crap, alien ecologies and not so alien ecologies, so I will have high expectations for this film, which will probably doom it to being terrible in my mind no matter how good it is. That is my burden.

Williams, an animation vet best known for “Shrek,” is also behind upcoming comic-book pic “Emo Boy” and Roald Dahl adaptation “The Twits.”

Wait, The Twits is getting a movie? AWESOME!! I want to know more about that!

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