Wingnut Web: Coming off the Teabaggin' Wagon!

[adrotate banner=”3″]So apparently there was some quaint kind of Tea Party in Washington DC a few weeks ago, an event that this website really didn’t bother to cover much of at all (according to FOX News). In the aftermath of the whole shebang there was much speculation about just how many people attended the event. Reports from media outlets put the number of people taking part in the protest at around 50,000-60,000, a pretty good sized number for any kind of political action. Other commentators, Michelle Malkin in particular (feeding off the sugar-high of edgy conservative placards and some good ole down-home ranting and raving), pulled some obscenely high figure out of her ass and attributed that ABC News reported 1.5 million people were at the 9/12 march.

First some simple math:

1,500,000/60,000 = 25. Even if you stand by the high end of what the media reported the attendance of the march was, Malkin’s idiotic estimation exceeds the media’s reports by TWENTY FIVE TIMES that. Sure it’s hard to keep track of what actual numbers amount to in real life when people throw around the terms million and billion interchangeably, but seriously I thought Michelle Malkin had been around the block enough to know what 1.5 million people looks like (I guess I was as wrong as she is). Not one to be misrepresented by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, Teabaggers are now touting the figure of 1.7 million people at the march, a number which I’m still waiting for a single person to point to a verified source for. Even better, our last bastion of fair and balanced (and I think we should add the worth “truthful”) reporting from none other than FOX News ran a full page advertisement in many major newspapers the day after the 9/12 march, echoing the same sentiment many protester’s signs pointed out:


A delicious example of idiots imitating idiots. Like most of the reporting on FOX News, this package had no actual reporting behind it since, ya know, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CBS did actually cover the protest (like there was anything else of note happening that weekend):

Good Morning America on 9/12 Protests (ABC)

I could go on and on with these. Of course FOX News was there at the protest too, but their brand of “reporting” took on a different tone:

Another day, another kRaZy WiNgNuT KlAmE debunked!

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