Teabag Mania 12 – Oh, ya know, just some more 9/12 photos

Over on Flickr you can check out MeetTheCrazies’ photoset with more pictures 9/12 march than you can shake a Bible at. Here are some choice picks from the set (and hopefully not any duplicates of the tons of pictures Tars has already thrown up here).

Sarah Palin couldn’t be here today, so she has paid this small Honduran man to come to the protest and hold a big sign with her picture on it.

Pailin sign

Ma’am, I believe you mean God and Glenn Beck.

Only God Can Save Us Now

It’s a metaphor, right?

United we stand

This is probably the first major Conservative protest in the history of time where I haven’t been overwhelmed by American flag.Don't tread on the march

These guys are so prepared for this event, for instances of rape and otherwise.

Tyranny Response Team

Ohhh, you mean back when the country was racist? Right?

We People

Wow the crowds barely made it past the reflecting pool?

The extent of the crowds

It’s like a map of all the parts of the country to avoid!

Middle America

“…and this is for 9/11!”

This is for 9/11!

Man, Hitler really did ruin that mustache for everybody, didn’t he?

Faces of Fascism

You get an A for content but a god damn F in graphic design (no, seriously what the hell were you thinking when you were making this? “Oh, maybe if the font was just a little more blue that would be totally rad…”)

An F in graphic design

Well he’s definitely got documents, it just depends on if you believe the Kenyan birth certificate or not.

Undocumented worker

My thoughts exactly!


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