New Review – Dragonball Evolution

The new review has been posted: The surprisingly not bad Dragonball Evolution. It isn’t great, but I didn’t feel angry for how stupid it was after it was over like a certain other 2009 film involving people fighting that will be the next review. Instead we get this crazy fantasy brainless film that makes you think about balls. Dragonballs. And yet, the only dragon in the film, we don’t know if he actually had any balls. Something to ponder. Complete with clip and lots of pictures, read it today!

2 thoughts on “New Review – Dragonball Evolution

  1. this movie was so fuckin stupid i mean r u serious i waited 10 years for this fuckin bullshit first of all where the hell is krillen i thought the giant ape was suppose to be like 20 feet tall not no fuckin 6’4 with its cloths still on goku and yamacha look like bitches i no all the z fans were pissed off when this movie came out james wong stick with the final destination movies please i rather watch one tree hill then that fucked up movie thats all i have to bout that…… o and justin chatwin ur gay make like a gay romatic comedy u fag.

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