I guess I should talk about the new Battlestar Galactica movie

[adrotate banner=”1″]By now you have probably heard a Battlestar Galactica movie has been fast-tracked, directed by Bryan Singer of X-men and Superman Returns fame. It will have nothing to do with the recent SciFi Channel series, which still has a few tv movies in the pipeline. I was a big fan of the SciFi Channel series, it was one of the few shows I kept track of every week instead of waiting until I have a clump of them recorded and then watching in a row. Battlestar Galactica was one of the best shows on tv. Despite what you think of the finale, the show had what it needed to keep you watching week after week and had some of the craziest cliffhangers since assimilated Picard. Any attempt to reboot this so quickly (or Threeboot and Threemake as it is being called) seems a mistake, but from a studio standpoint they are striking while the iron is hot. I think they are overestimating the draw, and even with a Star Trek-styled reboot I don’t think it will score box office gold. But, then, I have been wrong before. In any event, I am not interested at all. And I am the target audience. Maybe a good trailer will change my mind, but it will be a year before that happens. And I doubt they will match the level of hot babes:

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