The Asylum news bits

The Asylum, home of the mockbusters, gets some news…

Pics from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus up at Undead Backbrain:
hit the link for more.

The poster for The Land That Time Forgot has also been posted, with a giant T-Rex:

The Asylum is also releasing another sex teen comedy with Sexpot 3DDD about sex and pot. No giant monsters, though.

Finally, all references to the mockbuster The Terminators have been stripped from the Asylum’s website. Sources say there was a cease and desist letter sent, so the Asylum dropped all references to the movie but released it anyway! On a side note, I have a review of it finished and look for it to be uploaded once the internet at home (where I can use my ftp program) stops being stupid.

Thanks to Avery for some of the links

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