Filipino Little Actors – Weng Weng and kin

Here is a cool article on PEP about little people who have become stars in the Filipino entertainment industry. It mentions the popular Weng Weng along with several other little people who most have not heard about.

Ernesto “Weng Weng” dela Cruz is the headline star, but several others are Noel “Ungga” Ayala, Romy “Dagul” Pastrana, Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero, and Allan “Mura” Padua

Ernesto “Weng Weng” dela Cruz. This guy, standing two feet and nine inches only, was the smallest actor to play a lead role.

Noel “Ungga” Ayala. Noel’s showbiz nickname, Ungga (short for “unggoy,” monkey), was first heard in the movie Starzan III: The Jungle Triangle. The nickname became his screen name.

Romy “Dagul” Pastrana. In Pampanga, “dagul” means “tall or big.” But given Romy’s height, it’s the opposite. Dagul stands out among the midgets since he is still an active member of showbiz.

Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero. Of all the midgets in showbiz, Mahal is perhaps the “controversy-magnet.” Some think the issues are for real, others say they’re for publicity—from her romantic relationships to her “video scandal” to her “lasengga” issue.

Allan “Mura” Padua. The Bicolano Allan Padua considers his stint in Masayang Tanghali Bayan as his way of penetrating the world of showbiz. Mura was discovered and introduced as the twin of Mahal.


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