Rare Movie Time!!!! – Young Flying Hero/Return of the Magic Serpent

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Young Flying Hero (aka Return of the Magic Serpent) is a Taiwanese fantasy film from 1970 that has some giant monsters stomping around. It was directed by Tong Chim, who only seems to have one other directing credit, The Wolf and the Angel. Hardly anything is known about the film in collector’s circles due to it being so hard to find. Besides posters and lobby cards making everyone salivate, the actual movie has turned out to be surprisingly elusive.

Recently someone has claimed to have gotten a copy and is dubbing it into English for a release, they even threw up a short video:


Although the film is hard to find, it has been known that it isn’t impossible to find, because cast pictures showed up on *Kung Fu Films*
Cast list:
Chiu Keung
Han Chiang
Regina Pai Ping
Sha Lee-Man
Tin Mung
Gam Lee-Sang
Yeung Fui-Yuk
Pa Gwoh

So just enjoy these photos and think that maybe one day you will be able to see the film!

7 thoughts on “Rare Movie Time!!!! – Young Flying Hero/Return of the Magic Serpent

    • I do not know. This is the company that came out with Shaolin vs. Terminator, which is a humorously dubbed Korean movie that did not come with the original soundtrack, IIRC.

  1. I’ve been looking for this movie for quite a while and it’s cool if it’s finally comes out. Btw, if you don’t know this; that guy with the mike in the video is actually Damon Foster who used to be the editor af “Oriental Cinema”!!

  2. I am a citizen of Taiwan.
    I can’t see this film in my country.
    I hope that, when this film is published.
    it will keep the he original voice track

    • As do I, but the original soundtrack on what he turned into Shaolin Terminator was not present, IIRC. Young Flying Hero has recently turned up on the bootleg circuit from some dealer (I am not sure which one) and a guy emailed me with it as a trade offer for a film I have, but most of my movies are in storage at the moment so I couldn’t take him up on the offer. But that does let me know the film is out there, and at least one other source has mentioned seeing it on a bootleg site. So keep your eyes open, something may turn up!

  3. Don’t worry– my eventual release of the movie will maintain an optional Original Soundtrack in Chinese. My English-dubbed version was painstakingly translated into English, and although there’s some humor, I’m keeping the story & character names faithful. So people can have the option of hearing it in English or Chinese– and there are already Chinese subtitles. Unless I win the lottery, I won’t be able to add English subtitles.

    The project was put on hold because my computer crashed, and I was too stupid to have maintained a back-up! Nearly a year’s worth of work is simply gone– down the drain! But I learned an expensive lesson, and hope to complete the movie in 2010.

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