Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg cast and poster

Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg (formally Robot) aka Chinese Transformers has released the list of the cast, including descriptions. has the full article.

Hu Jun as Da Chun – Starting out as a human cop, Da Chun gets turned into a cyborg and has to learn how to be a robot.
Alex Fong as K-1 De Ming – A 100% robot
Sun Li as Su Mei – female cop who is involved with robot Da Chun
Ronald Cheng as Xiao Jiang – A human who is obsessed with robots
Wu Jing as K-88 Chen Long – another robot who has a fight with a Bruce Lee robot in the film.
Gan Wei as Su Qing – younger sister of Su Mei, a human with scraggly hair.


God created Man in his own image; Man creates robot in his own image. Just as man doubts God, does robot not doubt man?

In 2046, technological advancements keep improving human lives, as well as renewing their desires. So, robots, created to serve man, are born.

The first generation AI android, K-1 (Alex Fong), has just been invented secretly at Tian An Science Lab, with the aim of carrying out dangerous tasks for the police, to safeguard the human law enforcers against injuries and deaths. To test its functionality, commissioner Lin Xiang stations him at a remote town for on job training, putting him under the charge of the local sheriff Xu Da Chun (Hu Jun), with his actual identity a closely guarded secret.

K-1 joins the police force under the assumed name De Ming, immediately cracking various cases effortlessly. With perfect socialising routines, De Ming becomes idolised by the townsfolk in no time, while female cop Su Mei (Sun Li) falls head over heels for him.


De Ming and Xu Da Chun are assigned to apprehend a runaway robot K-88 (Wu Jing), which is suspected to have errant AI. After a mind-blowing hi-tech battle involving aerial, underground chases and exchanges, as well as 72 transformations, the invincible K-88 explains his reason for escaping, “For freedom, not wanting to be a mere robot forever.” He even admonishes De Ming for being an electronic slave.


Meanwhile, assassination robots, under order to terminate any defectors, are arriving in the town…

EDIT: Avery reminded me that the teaser was out:

Thanks, Avery!

Here is the poster in all of it’s Transformers poster glory:

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