Edison Chen Death Threat!

The latest twist in the Edison Chan controversy arrives as someone sends a death threat for Edison to a cable station! A cable station? Regardless, Chen had received two death threats last year when the controversy first broke, but this new one is being treated more seriously for reasons unknown.

Firesheepy on Asian Fanatics has translated one of the articles:

Just when the ‘in bed incident’ male lead Edison Chen announced that he was to have a comeback, he received a warning stating that he was ‘chased and killed worldwide’ yesterday! Somebody warn him that if he did not quit the entertainment circle before April 1st, he would be chased and killed worldwide! This incident caused his plans to face mortality, actually he already received death phone threats a year ago, as for the female leads of the in-bed incident, they chose not to answer!

The ‘in-bed incident’ was actually getting to the point of exposure, and there was a big progress in the plot yesterday, Edison received a warning that he would be ‘chased and killed worldwide’! Cable Tv received a warning letter addressed to Edison Chen yesterday afternoon, and warned that he would be dealt with if he did not stop all his function by April! Edison, who just announced his big plans, not only had obstacles to his comeback, but his personal safety was also threatened.

from The Sun

Asiaone is claiming he was threatened with a gold bullet!

Edison Chen threatened with bullet

Hong Kong sex scandal star Edison Chen has been threatened with a gold-coloured bullet, 13 days after making a public appearance in Singapore.

The bullet, accompanied by a warning letter written in English, was sent earlier today to Hong Kong television station, Cable TV.

It specifically warned Edison not to take part in any promotional activities after April 4, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The sender also wanted him to disappear forever.

People take their Hong Kong celebrities seriously!

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