More naked famous Chinese stars – Zhang Ziyi Edition

This time it is not Edison Chen causing problems in China, it is Zhang Ziyi running around topless on the beach, and having her man Vivi Nevo dig into her butt out there as well. Okay. Whatever. I don’t judge, I just enjoy the chaos this will probably cause. Last year’s Edison Chen scandal was among the most searched for items on the web. And fallout is still happening. Chen has two films that are unreleased, one that is reshooting scenes to exclude him, the other that is opening very limited after being heavily edited. You would think they would want to capitalize on the notoriety, but I guess not. Afraid of success. If you don’t want to be photographed naked, don’t be naked in public or photograph yourself naked. And China should stop caring that people get naked, with 1.3 billion Chinese, it is not like none of them ever had sex.

Here is some of the pics:
Zhang Ziyi Topless Beach Candids 2009

Google will find you the rest.

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Written by Tars Tarkas

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