Dragonball Z will have fistcams!

[adrotate banner=”1″]This movie will be terrible! If you want any more proof (other than these pictures or the trailer) then check out this interview where the director talks about how they have fistcams for Goku!


VFX supervisor Velasco Shaw employed what Wong calls “fist-cams” – from the noted company Iconix – that are so small they could be attached to an actor’s fist, allowing a character’s punch to come right into the audience. “It’s a kind of ‘fist POV’,” Wong elaborates. McLachlan contributed the suggestion of using new high-speed digital Phantom cameras to create super-slow motion for key action sequences. “We did a lot of research and development with the Phantom cameras,” says McLachlan, who had discovered the-then experimental photography on YouTube. In the YouTube video, a balloon filled with water was popped, with the “action” caught at 1000 frames per second. McLachlan and Wong were impressed with the results. “The most spectacular thing about it was that the water retained the shape of the balloon before it fell,” Wong remembers.

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Here are some bonus pictures of Jamie Chung, who plays Chi Chi:

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  1. I don’t know avout u but I realy liked dragon ball evolution and Ilove the man they hired to play goku . he is so cute

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