RiffTrax Trip Report – X2: X-Men United

Just when you thought it was safe to be a mutant, the X-Men return! The original X-Men RiffTrax was one of the first dozen or so, and was the first appearance of Bill Corbet in a RiffTrax, IIRC. He and Mike Nelson soloed that one, and both of them are back along with Kevin Murphy for the second movie in the mutant franchise. This time, questions are answered, schools are invaded, white houses are bamfed, people are frozen, and Magneto is still evil.

We continue the CEREBRO/MAGNETO jokes from Mike that filled the original RiffTrax, and add to them jokes about smurfs, naked blue chicks, Captain Picard, and a certain mutant actor’s musical career.
Particularly good riffs include a callback to the terrible The Happening, Lemon drink, inconsistencies in mutant powers, and body counts.

While not the best RiffTrax I have heard, it was pretty entertaining and I enjoyed it. The Riff was aided by the fact the movie is entertaining on its own, I can’t wait until the third installment of the trilogy, because that is the film in the franchise deserving a butt kicking. Stop by RiffTrax.com and pick up a copy of this Riff.

x-men 2 rifftrax

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