SACRIFICE [Bob’s Giant Monster Movie]

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“SACRIFICE”[a.k.a.; “Bob’s Giant Monster Movie”] : Link Have you ever wanted to make your own giant monster movie?? Who hasn’t right?? Just stop and think for a second how totally awesome that would be Yeah I know…gets you a little choked up and brings tears to your eyes huh?? How cool would it be to be able to brag and tell your friends, family, co-workers, boSses, arch-nemesises, school mates, enemies, and eventually grandchildren that you had some small role in the making of a great kaiju film?? Well, I’m here to tell ya that yes it could happen:This is your opportunity to do just that. To be a part in the making of something potentially great. Bob[zilla] Nelson stands here humbly before us asking for our help in making his very ambitious new giant monster film; “Sacrifice”. A film that he’s making especially for us the truest and most obsessive of kaiju fanatics. He doesn’t want to just make just another cheesy/crappy, horrid, straight-to-dvd wreck of a movie, no, he wants to make us the very best looking and most exciting giant monster epic possible!! However he needs our help. I know…you’re thinking ‘oh great this nutcase wants us to donate a bunch of money to make his movie and we get nothing in return’. Not this time friends. Nope. He’s got something great to offer up;
“Starting on September 22nd, we’ll be making the first two chapters of the movie available- one will be a free download, one will be $1.25. It’s important to note- this is how we are raising the money to fund the movie, so we are asking for the support of the Kaiju/sci-fi/fantasy community to- at the very least, give these first couple chapters a spin. If it’s a good story to you, we certainly like it, then hang with us and you can pick up each chapter as it comes out.

Also, we have scheduled an internet chat session with the “Gang”; myself, Kent, Michael and Brent, so that people can talk about the chapters, and ask about where we are at in the project. That is scheduled for September 30 at 7:30pm Pacific Time. More details will be available after we do some major updates to the Brick Cave Media site this weekend, but i think we look forward to sharing our excitement with you and starting the next stage of the project. ” OK you guys LOVE a good kaiju fiction right?? You’ll really LOVE this one!! If you can’t afford to toss up $ 20.00 right away no one’s saying you have to. It’s just $ 1.25 a week!! That’s dirt cheap!! What in the %&*& can you buy these days for that?? How about downloading the first ‘free’ chapter and giving it a read and see if you’d like to stick around with the rest of us and help make a monster movie?? They’re already lining up helicopters, humvees, military equipment…Yeah, you don’t want to be left out!! Now, I’m not saying; give us your money. I’m just asking you to check it out and see for yourself if you’d like to be a part of it all.[NOTE]: I should probably point out that this film is meant as a legitimate release and NOT a ‘fan film’. It’s creator’s are planning on releasing it through a regional theatrical release with some targeted theaters then following that run releasing the DVD through an official distributor. They even hope to be able to present it at next year’s “Comic Con”. THANKS!!: More details: Undead Backbrain

Sounds like an interesting way to raise some cash, and with the free download intro so you can see what you are getting in case you are wary about throwing around your money.

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  1. THANKS for posting it!! They really need our help in funding it through the sale of the chapters among other things including some really swank-to-death t-shirts with viral-like catchphrases like; “Is it in you?”, “What would you give up?”, “I believe in Sacrifice” etc.. It’s a mysterious new giant monster movie being made with influences from the 1950’s atomic-age classics, as well as the “Godzilla” series, and a little of that ‘Sci-Fi Channel’ cheese. It’s being filmed VERY secretly and they don’t even plan on revealing the look of the creature until it releases.The first 2 chapters are up now so check out the first FREE one and see if you might like to help this awesome new project. NOTE: you do have to register to download the chapters as ‘PDF’ files, but there’s NO obligation. THANKS and we hope you enjoy them!!

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