Return of Guilala!

Who the heck is Guilala, you ask? He’s the monster of 1967’s Uchuu Daikaijuu Girara (Giant Monster Guilala), better known in the US under the release title here THE X FROM OUTER SPACE, where he was the X, of course! As one of the goofiest looking daikaijus of the era, he was a one-shot cash-in on the Godzillas and Gameras that were making Toho and Daiei lots of bank. Sadly, the film wasn’t that good so it didn’t do well enough for a sequel, and Guilala faded into obscurity. There were a few rumors years ago that Guilala would be resurrected to fight Gappa, but nothing came of that. Until now! SciFi Japan reports that a new Guilala film is being made, to jump onto the wave of kaiju resurgence from Cloverfield. And hopefully without the nausea-inducing shakycam! I haven’t seen the original X From Outer Space in probably ten years, but now it looks like I should do a rewatching to pump myself up for more giant Japanese monster meyham!

The monster Guilala from Shochiku’s bizarre 1967 kaiju feature THE X FROM OUTER SPACE (Uchuu Daikaijuu Girara) will return more than 40 years later in the new feature film GUILALA’S COUNTER ATTACK: THE TOUYAKU SUMMIT ONE-SHOT CRISIS (Girara-no Gyakushuu Touyaku Samitto Kiki Ippatsu, 2008), Shochiku announced at their head office in Tsukiji, Tokyo on January 29th.

In this new diaster movie, the world’s greatest minds gather at the G8 summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, while a Chinese space craft crashes in the outskirts of Sapporo carrying the spores of the space monster Guilala.

The director will be Minoru Kawasaki, who has directed such surreal films as The Earth Defense Gil Iko-chan, Calamari Wrestler, Executive Koala, Beetle the Horn King, Crab Goalkeeper, and Everything Sinks Except Japan. Sounds PERFECT!

Press conference photos: (the other actors are representing former Japanese Prime Ministers. I recognize the Koizumi guy but no one else)

conference videos:

There is already a preview DVD out called I WILL LOSE WEIGHT! DEN ACE: SHORT MARCH OF THE SPACE MONSTER (Giant Space Monster Guilala!)

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