Hong Kong Edison Chen Sex Photo Scandal Continues

The Sex Photo Scandal starring Edison Chen and lots of famous female talent continues, despite the slowdown of new content on the internet. A few photos of Rachel Ngan are the latest to arrive, but on February 14th, and things have been quiet since then. As we reported before, there have been several batches of photos released showing Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen having oral sex with several top female talents, including Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and Vincy Yeung. The news continues to dominate the Hong Kong media, making this the story of the decade.
gillian chung
EEG boss Albert Yeung is getting egg on his face. He is a terrible man, has massive Triad connections (Triads are Chinese gangsters) and has ordered a beat down of a talk show host who talked bad about him and is probably behind the Carina Lau kidnapping and videotaped rape tragedy. This is not a nice man, and the fact his darling underage niece Vincy Yeung is now naked across the internet and revealed to be a sexual conquest of a videographer playboy is probably driving Albert Yeung mad inside. It is no secret the Triads are all over the entertainment industry in Hong Kong (although there has been some cleanup) with instances such as Wong Jing getting his teeth busted out, Amy Yip forced to appear naked in Sex and Zen or face disfigurement, Andy Lau was threatened at gunpoint to do a film, Jackie Chan was almost killed back before he was famous (and his life was saved by Jimmy Wang Yu, who Jackie Chan repaid by making two films for him, including the great Fantasy Mission Force!)
This episode is another example of a giant, corrupt system straining under itself as its excesses cause it to become weak and disgusting. Albert Yeung and his goons’ control over the entertainment industry is in danger, and his family is part of the collateral. Playboy Edison Chen is probably in danger of Triad retaliation, legal repercussions, and getting smacked by some ladies. Gillian Chung is in danger of losing her career, is nicknamed things such as Abalone Gill and Black Bao, and has lost the support she had during her previous photo incident. Bobo Chan got her wedding canceled and is probably out of a job as well as the fiancee. Cecilia Cheung is in danger of losing her marriage to Nicholas Tse, as photos may have been taken while she was supposed to be dating him. NO official word on if they are going their separate ways. The other women are probably dead career wise as well. At least in legitimate film, all of this women have a future in low-budget category III fare. Think of it as a reverse Hsu Chi! The Hong Kong Police force is facing large protests, massive criticism by the press, and probably angry calls from Mainland China. China faces an embarrassment of worldwide proportions while they go into stupid “morals” mode before their Olympics hosting (they even banned horror films! how ridiculous!) Hosting the Olympics doesn’t make you a legitimate country, not arresting innocent people is the key! (and I hold every country to that standard, even the one I live in) Drama will still unfold, and we will be there.

All of this is in light of the fact this is probably a giant extortion attempt. This Kira or whoever he is (or they are) has worse pictures, movies, and who knows what else. And we may never know if he gets what he is asking for. But I do not believe the flood of photos will stop. I think more will surface, but we won’t get a big batch appearing all at once. This will be a slow trickle until the incompetent police force or the corrupt EEG executives force Kira to release a large batch just to make them look like the chumps they are one more time.

The photos so far are totally not located at : http://www.phimhongkong.com/edison_chen_sex_scandal_gillian_chung_bobo_chan_cecilia_cheung_.htm

Not at all!

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    Amy Yip, Hsu Qi, etc. they success in HK Cat.III movie, and common movie.

    We all waiting….

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