The Grudge 3 going DTV

No movie release for the latest crappy sequel to a crappy Japanese horror film with ghost girls with black hair. That genre is more played out than PG-13 torture porn. I can’t wait for this to get on DVD so I can go about ignoring its existence.

via moviehole (because bloody-disgusting has a terrible search function!)

The second sequel to the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring remake of a superior Asian horror film is shooting in – of course – Bulgaria under the direction of Toby Wilkins says Bloody Disgusting. Matthew Knight, who played Jake in “The Grudge 2” (which one was he? Did he appear before I left the theater?), will be back for this next installment.

In the film, a young Japanese woman holds the secret to ending the curse of the Grudge. She travels to the haunted Chicago apartment building where she encounters a family battling to survive. Together they confront the ghost of Kayako to save their souls from their impending tragic fate.

Grudge 3

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