RiffTrax Live trip report – Over the Top

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here is the RiffTrax Live report I promised. I went to the Memorial Day show at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. I and my girlfriend attended, where everyone was in the dark as to the subject of the movie we would be watching. As we sat at the tables waiting to order the two drinks we were required to order (stupid minimum drink rules!) they accidentally flashed the Over the Top title screen on the screen. Now the riffers already did Over the Top, except it was a Mike only affair. This time there were all three of them, and the jokes came faster and more furious. I never even finished the solo Mike RiffTrax, and now experiencing all three of them doing it I probably never will, as I’ll be disappointed by the slower previous effort. In all a good time was had, despite the extra bill from the drinks. Had I been able to go to San Rafael I would have, but we wouldn’t have been in town. Hopefully they will be back soon, and more riffing will be riffed!

Over The Top

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