Dragon Wars to Fish War?

[adrotate banner=”1″]I’ve been waiting for the Korean movie D-War for over a year, as it looks like it will be a gigantic mess of a film, but it’s also becoming one of the most expensive Korean films in history. (UPDATE: Here is the full review!) A film where dragons attack in modern day that might not be as terrible as Reign of Fire is intriguing. Hyung Rae Shim is the director, but it looks like he had plans of a different film to do afterward. A writer for Twitch got a hold of a book that mentioned the next film…Fish War!

The synopsis:

In the deep, bottomless sea … There are undersea cities where mutated fishes with highly developed intellectual power live together peacefully. But, they got into rage and swore revenge against human beings who continue to catch fishes indiscriminately. One of those days, mysterious events started happening, such as pleasure boats at sea sunk and submarines exploded in the sea. Finally, fishes declared a war against human beings on land and came out on the ground to conquer the human beings with highly advanced weapons and military strength, several times more developed than those of human beings. Human beings was defeated instantly by fishes equipped with bombers shaped like a stingray, battle tanks like an octopus, and special forces like a seahorse, and finally put the world under the control of fishes, not of human beings anymore. At court, Dr. Octopus sentenced human beings who habitually tormented fishes. At a sushi restaurant, a catfish, puffing cigars, waited for dishes made of human beings. And fishes caught and refridgerated human beings as exactly human beings did to fishes and completely controlled the whole world. In Japan, meanwhile, Yamamoto family, the well known sushi master in business for 3 generations, became an most infamous enemy of fishes.

Fish War Poster
Fish War Poster

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